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Continuum Fallacy

Also called the fallacy of the beard, line-drawing fallacy, fallacy of the heap, the sorites fallacy, and the bald man fallacy, the continuum fallacy rejects a claim because it is not precise. The is fallacious because, vague, "in-between" or unclear scenarios do not make them necessarily untrue.

Example of Continuum Fallacy

  • Ronnie has a full head of hair. If you pull one out, he will not be bald. If you pull another out, he still will not be bald. So no matter how many hairs you pull out, Ronnie will not be bald. This is untrue since at some point Ronnie will run out of hair.
  • I've been able to swim across any body of water I've come across, so there is no body of water I would not be able to swim across. Given a large enough body of water, crossing it by swimming will be impossible.