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Kettle Logic

Kettle logic is the use of several inconsistent arguments to defend a position.

Example of Kettle Logic

  • Someone accused of having sex in a public place might respond with an argument that they were not having sex in a public place, since the restroom was in a park, in a secluded location and the stall blocked them from public view.
  • Someone caught speeding argues that: I was not speeding.I didn't see the speed limit signThere was no speed limit posted.


The term Kettle Logic was first used by Sigmund Freud. He explained it as part of a story about a man accused of having damaged a kettle. The man gave three defenses:

  • I returned the kettle undamaged.
  • The kettle was already damaged when I borrowed it.
  • I never borrowed the kettle.

Each of the defenses by the man could be potentially valid, but all of them consider together make the defense questionable.