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Proof by Verbosity

Also called argumentum verbosium, or proof by intimidation, proof by verbosity is an argument that is far too complicated and verbose for an opponent to reasonably address all the particulars, or the person making the argument is so well-reputed that one takes his claims as truth.

Example of Proof by Verbosity

  • Dr. Samuel Donovan solved a Rubik's Cube in 45 seconds; he won the Medal of Honor for his service in Vietnam, had given lectures across the world in microbiology, and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize; so I don't doubt that his claim is true about the egg coming before the chicken.
  • The professor, through the most elloquent of words, and the most beautiful prose devined the conclusion that one plus one equals three. This highly impressive display of mastry over language and oratory skill proves that one plus one equals three. No amount of flowery language can prove that one plus one is anything other than two.

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