Logical Fallacies
Logical Fallacies / Quantification Fallacies

Quantification Fallacies

Error in logic where the quantifiers of the premises are in contradiction to the conclusions quantifiers. An example of such a fallcy is when the argument has a universal premise and a particular conclusion. That is, the premise(s) do not justify the conclusion(s).

The most important quantifiers are:

  • Universal Quantifier: All x
  • Existential Quantifier: Some x

Example of Quantification Fallacies

  • All dogs hate some cats. This is an impossible claim to validate. It may be the case that some some dogs hate some cats, but it would be impossible to determine whether or not all dogs hate only some cats.
  • Financial experts agree that everyone should invest in technology stocks. This statement implies that all financial experts agree, which may not be the case.