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Ad Hominem

The ad hominem attack is a logical fallacy associated with trying to undermine the opponent's arguments by personal attacks, through attacking their character or skill level, etc. The ad hominem attack uses an accepted fact about a person to undermine their credibility despite the lack of causal connection between the two parts of the argument.

Example of Ad Hominem

  • Bill claims that this was an accident, but we know Bill to be a liar, so we can't take his word for it. Even though Bill may be a liar, his character does not automatically make anything he says untrue.
  • Susan is an avid hunter, therefor she cannot possibly support gun control. Being a hunter is used as a negative characteristic to make a conclusion which could very well be untrue. Susan could support a variety of gun control elgislation.


Short for: Argumentum Ad Hominem

This is a common fallacy.