Logical Fallacies
Logical Fallacies / Common Fallacies

Common Logical Fallacies

These are the logical fallacies that you are most likely to come across. They could be part of a conversation, business agreement, discussion, or educational situations.

Ad HominemAmbiguityAnecdotalAppeal to AuthorityAppeal to EmotionAppeal to NatureBandwagonBegging the QuestionBurden of ProofCircular ReasoningEquivocationEtymological FallacyFallacy FallacyFallacy of Composition and DivisionFalse Cause & False AttributionFalse DilemmaGambler's FallacyGenetic FallacyLoaded QuestionMiddle GroundNo True ScotsmanPersonal IncredulityRed HerringSlippery SlopeSpecial PleadingStrawmanTexas SharpshooterTu Quoque