Logical Fallacies
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Personal Incredulity

The fallacy of personal incredulity occurs when one finds a concept difficult to understand, or simply does not fathom how it works, then they conclude that it is likely untrue.

Example of Personal Incredulity

  • Irene was 89 years old, had never left the small town in Iowa where she was raised, and she had never seen a sea vessel. Though Michael had tried to describe what Navy life on the submarine would be like, she didn't believe a word was true. How could a glorified metal tube sustain the lives of many men, while submerged for months at a time?
  • "It is not possible that we landed a man on the moon. How could a tiny capsule with relatively primitive computer technology travel millions of miles in space, travel through radiation, avoid space debris, land and then make the return journy unharmed?"

This is a common fallacy.